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Slot Machines at an Online Casino

Among the most popular casino games that you can play at any good online casino are online slot machines, which are sometimes called 'Pokies' in Australia and some other cultures, as they used to be called "automated poker machines" pokies for short, more on that later.. These slots come in a variety of styles and people love to choose the pokies that fit their particular personality or mood. Some of these slots have huge jackpots for risk takers who bet the maximum amounts. Other slot machines, intended for novices, pay off more frequently but in lesser amounts. Each pokie is different from the next and peoples play the slots machines they like best.

Playing roulette is an online casino can be a great deal of fun. As long as you play at one of the more popular internet casinos, you don't have to worry about the security of your money when internet gambling. The sites uses state-of-the-art technology to protect your cash. What you need to focus on is how many numbers to pick in your bet. This is more important that which numbers to pick. You must decide whether to bet on a large group – such as all even numbers for example, and be content with winning small amounts frequently. Or you can place a bet on a single number and how to get one of those thirty-six to one jackpots that can happen from time to time if you are lucky.

You'd never guess who enjoys casino games today and who the casino players in your office are. That's because casino players are now ubiquitous - you can find them absolutely everywhere, playing games on every type of device. Whether they have an iPad, iPod, Android, or laptop, casino players will find ways to play from the devices that they own. And once they are playing, they'll love the amazing graphics, the great sound effects and the awesome ways to win at the various games. In addition, the variety of game choices is mesmerizing, as you can play everything from slots and scratch cards to roulette and blackjack. For all of these reasons, and so many more, players love to enjoy both online and mobile casino games and to have a blast playing today. And that certainly keeps casino players having fun.

What Are Slot Machines?

Let's start off with some basics about slots. The slot machines are games where you place a bet and spin a certain number of reels. When the wheels stop spinning, various images that are on the slots reels will stop on what is called a pokie pay line. If these images match, then the slots players will win a certain amount of cash. How much the pokie player wins is based on what the initial bet was and how rare the winning images are. Almost every slots machine has certain images that come up very infrequently but can lead to big pay offs. Those are the basics of slots, but there is now a huge array of diverse games that are call forms of slot machines.

Online Pokies

Most pokies online machines will vary when it comes to the payout percentage they return. Typically, the pokies that have a higher limit will provide a higher percentage payout than the lower denomination pokies. This rule applies both for Aussie online pokies as well as those at the land casino.

Online Casino Slot Machines

If there is one major difference between the types of slot machines that you find in an online casino and what you have among the casino games of a land-based casino is that online slots can offer more choices. Since the online casino does not have to manufacture anything, they can come up with new pokies for a fraction of the cost. They can also modify existing slots based on player feedback. This is much harder to do in a land-based casino. So even the biggest traditional casino are somewhat limited in the number of slots machines they can offer. The selection of slots in an online casino just keeps growing, often adding new pokies every week.

The Classic Slots Machines

The most basic slots machines are based on the original games that were produced over one hundred years ago. Even in online casinos, these pokies are the easiest to play and the images are easily recognisable. These slots have three reels and a single pay line. Usually, you are limited to betting one or two coins. You place your bet on the slots and they spin the reels. If matching images land on the single pay line, then you are rewarded with credits. These credits can be used to either play more slots or can be transferred into cash. The traditional images in these games are cherry bunches, bars, and lucky sevens. Music usually accompanies these slots that is recognised as traditional pokies music. For some, even in online casinos, these simple slots machines remain their favourite casino games.

More Advanced Slots

sweet steampunk slot machine Today, more people want to play more advanced slots games. And to meet the demand, online casinos have designers who are constantly coming up with more sophisticated games. These games often have five or even more reels. They usually have multiple pay lines, with additional pay lines becoming active with every additional coin that is bet. Some games, don't even have pay lines and anywhere on the screen that an image lands could help the player win. These slot machines also have many special features. Some of the more common are the wild symbol and the scatter symbol.

Special Symbols in Slots

Most advanced slot machines have a wild symbol. This is a unique image, often portraying the game logo, that can be used as a substitute for any other symbol. So getting a wild to land on an active pay line is always a good thing. Even better, in most slot machines, when you win with a set of images that includes at least one wild symbol, the amount you win is multiplied several times over. This is why these images are often referred to as Wild Multipliers. Another important symbol for slot machines is called the scatter. The scatter symbol can land anywhere, it does not need to be on an active pay line. Usually, receiving a certain number of scatter symbols will give the player a number of free spins of the reels. A win during free spin play is usually worth several times what a regular win is worth.

Bonus Games

Many slot machines also have bonus games. To get into a bonus game, usually the player has to collect a certain number of specific images. In the bonus game, the screen usually changes from the usual view of the slots to something different, like a map or a board game. The bonus game can give the player more credits, free spins, or other prizes. Some of the best pokies have elaborate bonus games that are at the heart of the slot machine.

The Gamble Feature

Another special feature of Slot machine with swiss flag reelssophisticated slots casino games is the gamble feature. In select pokies, after a big win the player is offered a chance to double his pay off. Usually the new bet is based on a fifty-fifty chance such as a coin flip. This is where really big slots money can be made if the player is lucky. More conservative players can skip the gamble feature and just be happy saving the money they made from the slots machine.

Progressive Slots Machines

Amongst the most popular of the slots machines are what is often referred to as progressive slots or progressive pokies. This implies a pokie (machine) in which several somewhat-computerized slot machines are linked to each other. That could mean a row of machines in a land-based casino. Or in an online casino, progressive slots could be slot machines around the world that are linked together via the internet or the world-wide-web. What that means is that every time someone plays a linked game, the top jackpot increases. Since online casino games can be played every hour of every day from anywhere in the world, the progressives that you find online can have jackpots that sky-rocket into the millions. Usually, the slots have rules so that the top prize is only available to those who have placed a bet for the maximum amount. So someone in an Australia online casino and someone in Canadian online casino can be playing the same slots machine game at the same time and both can be feeding the progressive slots jackpot, multiply that times thousands of concurrent players and you have these massive jackpots that rival lottery jackpots, all from simply spinning some virtual reels.

Slot Machine Themes

One of the many unusual aspects of slots that really differentiates the types of slot machines are the themes that various slots machine games are based on. For example, some slots machine games are based on exotic travel themes. There are slots that are set in the South Pacific where the images reflect a romantic beach setting. Other slots themes can be set in Ancient Egypt or the jungles of Africa. One of the most popular pokie games is called Thunderstruck. This is a slots game where the theme is based on Norse Mythology. The images are of the Norwegian heroes like Thor, and Oden, and Loki. The images all reflect the Viking culture. Still other slots machine games are based on popular books, movies, and video games. Another popular pokie is Tomb Raider. This slots game is based on the Lara Croft adventure series. All the images and backgrounds are designed to reflect what you would see in a Tomb Raider movie.

The Extent of Online Slots

Since it is easy for an online casino to develop casino games based on current themes and fads, there is no way that the slot machines of land-based casinos will keep up. There is literally no limit to the number and type of pokies that can be hosted by an online casino. In the amount of time that it takes a land-based casino to design and build a new slot machine, the theme it was based on may have already become yesterday's news. Meanwhile, the online casino development labs are trying to anticipate what themes and features will become popular and they design games to match it. If a game does not prove to be popular, then a land-based casino will have to remove it to make room for a more sought out game. On the other hand, an online casino can keep games around that only a few people enjoy because they games do not take up any physical space. As long as there are people who want to play a pokie, an online casino will try and accommodate them. It is another huge advantage that an online casino has over a land-based one.

Open All The Time

A final advantage for online slot machines is that people can play them any time of the day or night. While a casino may close every now and then, the online casino is open every day. No matter what pokie game a player wants to play, there are never any lines or waiting to play it. The entire selection of slots machine games are available to anyone who wants to play all the time. And with the new smart phones, pokies can be played at an online casino from anywhere in the world. There is no way a land-based casino can hope to compete when you consider all the huge advantages there are to playing online pokies.

Today's modern online gambling sites offer so much - it's a wonder that we get anything done in the course of our days! Whether players enjoy online casino games that include strategy and thought, or whether they want to sit back and relax with a game that is stress-free, these are all available at the online casino today. For players who enjoy online gambling with a bit of pressure, they'll have fun with blackjack, poker and games of this sort. These games require some strategy and some thoughtful processing before the player begins. For those who like to sit back and relax more when they play casino games, they might find enjoyment with slots, scratch cards and games of this sort. All of this adds up to great fun at the online casino sites - anyway that you slice it and with any of the games that you might enjoy playing.

An online casino favorite, Keno, provides fun and exhilaration as players predict the numbers that will come up in the Keno online casino game. Players begin by filling out their Keno card as they mark the number of spots that they wish to play. The Keno card contains numbers one through eighty. When the player click the "Generate Numbers" button the casino will produce a set amount of numbers. The payout table is determined by the amount of selected numbers which match the amount of casino generated numbers. Casino advisors note that players have the best chances of selecting winning numbers if they choose consecutive numbers (11+12+13+14), if they play the same group of numbers consistently until they win or if they wager on numbers which haven't come up in the recent past.